Microneedling with PRP: All the Details

Looking good and feeling good my friends…
Why did you get Microneedling with PRP?

This past year I have made it a major priority to do something about mediocre skin. Thanks to my amazing PA at Integrated Dermatology K Street here in Washington, D.C., I feel like I have been slowly erasing 27+ years of damage. I rarely used sunblock in my teenage and college years and have always battled with acne, especially cystic acne. So between an uneven skin tone/texture, mild acne scars, wrinkles and sun spots, my face has seen better days. Aside from changing up my skin routine and other procedures like botox, microneedling with PRP, aka the “Vampire Facial,” has been a great step in the right direction to restoring my skin. PTL.

What is Microneedling with PRP?

Microneedling (collagen induction therapy) is a non-invasive procedure done with a sterile cartridge containing tiny micro-points. The PRP is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells, aka…..your blood. This little pen activates the body’s healing process, new cell generation and collagen creation.

What does it do?

Microneedling with PRP can reduce/help with the following:

  • Fine lines/wrinkles
  • Regular scars/acne scars
  • Skin laxity
  • Sun spots/hyper-pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Broken capillaries and spider veins
  • Pore size
  • Skin tone and overall softness

Microneedling with PRP left my skin feeling rejuvenated, glowing and soft.

How is the procedure done?

When I arrive at my dermatologist a medical assistant starts by drawing my blood to spin for the plasma. She then cleans my face, applies a topical numbing cream and then removes the cream after about 15 minutes. Now that I am nice and numb my doctor/PA comes in to start the procedure. The PA applies my plasma to my face in small sections and then glides the microneedling pen in circular motions within that area. She continues to do this until my whole face is has been covered. It takes about 20 minutes to do my whole face.

Microneedling with PRP

Blood is drawn for plasma and topical numbing is applied!

What does it feel like/does it hurt?

The most I can feel is the vibration of the microneedling pen. I am completely numb and some areas I feel a tiny bit of a sting but it’s not bad. The worst part is the nose, it tickles!

What is the downtime?

Immediately post-procedure my face was extremely red, mostly from the dried plasma so I took the day off work. I got my first procedure done in the morning and by the evening most of the redness had gone down and my skin absorbed the plasma. The next morning after washing my face the first time, I had quite a bit of bruising and looked kind of beat up. My other two sessions my PA went a little lighter and I had very little bruising the next day. I couldn’t wear makeup for 24 hours but was able to use a tinted moisturizer my dermatologist’s office provided me with. I felt completely fine and my face just felt a little tight and dry as if I had a bad sunburn. Over the next few days my skin look more and more normal aside from some dryness/flaking. After 4-5 days I was basically back to normal.

Immediately after the procedure. Slight redness.

Left: 5 minutes post-procedure. Dried plasma and redness…cute.  Right: A few hours post-procedure. Dried plasma/redness. Definitely on’t be leaving my house until I can wash my face (day after procedure).

Left to Right: 1. Day after first procedure. I look like I got into a fight, and lost. 2. Bruising under the eyes and forehead. 3. Day after second treatment. We went lighter this time, so a lot less bruising! 4. Skin is looking fresh after second treatment! 5. Zero makeup a few days after treatment. Complexion looks smooth and very little bruising.

When do you see results?

My PA told me that I should start to see results going in to my third session. Each session is 4-6 weeks apart and the results increase with time. It’s noted that results can continue to improve up to 6 months post-procedures.

How long does it last?

Microneedling with PRP results are very long lasting. Think of it as turning back time on your skin. If you continue to take good care of your skin afterwards, i.e. use sunblock, manage wrinkles, keep from touching acne/causing scars, then your skin will continue to look great (of course still aging like normal).

Is it expensive?

The short answer is, Yes. I spent a pretty penny on this because like I said, committed. I know you’re thinking, “wait, what do you consider a pretty penny?” and you know I like to keep it real so here is some pricing to give you perspective (bear in mind this obviously ranges dependent on where you live): One session with PRP started at $875 for a full-face and $675 for a half-face. Some offices offer packages of 3 that give you a discount. I went with this option for the full-face. Microneedling without PRP has it’s benefits as well, and comes at a lower cost. It’s best to consult your dermatologist about this procedure to see if it would be a benefit to you and your skin. There are dozens of different procedures ranging in price that help you with your skin concerns. Many spas and some plastic surgery offices offer these procedures but my recommendation is to seek skin advice from a dermatologist directly. If you are in the DC area I highly recommend Integrated Dermatology K Street. Their PA’s and staff are always incredibly nice and helpful.

How do you feel about it after your procedure?

One month after final treatment: I’m seeing a major difference in the size of the pores on my nose and overall complexion. The scarring on my chin has definitely improved so I am interested to see if it will continue since they say results can take a while. Three months after final treatment: Not a drastic different from a couple of months ago but my skin has majorly improved. My pore size is still a lot different and overall my complexion looks amazing. The scarring on my chin has lessened and my skin looks very even-toned and smooth. I’ve also noticed some fine lines have dissipated a bit and don’t look as harsh as before. Six months after final treatment: Obsessed with my skin. Aside from my freckles my skin tone is so much more event and a lot of fine lines have reduced pretty drastically. The scarring on my chin also looks a lot better and my makeup looks much smoother. I highly recommend this procedure if you have damaged skin like I did or if you are just looking to improve your overall complexion. Combined with a great skincare routine (read about mine here) you will love the results. I am so committed to taking the best care of my skin now that I am approaching my 30’s and starting to see some slight “aging.”My friend hear me preach that you get what you pay for. Sure, some drugstore products are super reliable, but if you really want significant change and improvement sometimes you need to invest in procedures and products like I have.

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