Hair Extensions: They’re Unbeweaveable

Those who know me know my latest obsession is my hair extensions. They are a part of me now and I literally don’t know how I will ever live without them… Okay, okay now that I have professed my love for the pieces of hair taped into my head I’ll give you the full details on them and why they are so great.


If you read my post 5 Things You Need to Know Before Going Brunette to Blonde then you know I’ve been on a long journey and my hair has seen better/healthier days. Although I am great about taking care of my locks now, they are still quite damaged. My stylist Mashal suggested tape-in extensions to help add fullness and length to the uneven and broken sections of my hair. I decided to give them a try and we opted to add extensions to the front parts of my hair to blend with the longer and healthier back sections. Putting the extensions in gives me the opportunity to still style and maintain my look while allowing my real hair (broken pieces) to heal and grow!

Hair Extensions
Before & After


Mashal used 18 inch Babe Hair tape-in extensions. They are 100% human hair and each install lasts up to 3 months. The hair is totally reusable and the better care you take of the hair (like your own) the longer it lasts. We do trim mine every time we put them in so Mashal said they’ll likely last me a year or so.


Obsessed is seriously an understatement. I literally feel like Becky with the good hair. I mean, look at that transformation!! Before, my hair felt like a lob in the front and thick and long and the back. I joked I had a modern day mullet and I was not cool with it. The tape-in extensions completely filled out the broken/damaged areas of my hair to give me the fullness I wanted and desperately needed. I feel like I was given a whole new head of hair and I love it every day. #blessedaf


Glad you asked. They definitely took some getting used to. I touch my hair a lot (bad!) and that habit had to go once I got the hair extensions. Honestly, now that I have had them for a while I hardly know they are there. The biggest adjustment was being more gentle with my hair and not washing it as much—thank G for dry shampoo!  The main requirement to know is to keep your scalp as clean as possible with the tape ins! The extensions are removed using an oil based solution, so avoiding oil at the roots or conditioner is super important here. Speaking of, if you’re curious which dry shampoos I use and love you can read my post here.

I will be completely honest with you all, the first few weeks with my new hair was tough. Because I wasn’t being careful enough, I partially ripped a few out (oops). You REALLY have to be aware of them and not just tear a brush through your hair, like I used to, or else it’s bad news bears.


Um YES. You can get them for three reasons:

  1. Fullness

  2. Length

  3. Both

I was obviously going for fullness since I wanted to fill out my millennial mullet. If you want to accomplish any of the above, definitely consider tape-in hair extensions from my girl Mashal.

Mashal is a certified Babe Extension Specialist for:
  • Clip-in Extensions
  • Tape-in Extensions
  • Fusion/MicroFusion Extensions
  • I-Bead Extensions

If you are super rough with your hair and love to wash it every single day, hair extensions may not be for you. Keep in mind they are a lifestyle change but they can seriously CHANGE your life, Example A: ME. I highly recommend consulting with Mashal to discuss your options and what hair extensions can do for you. I really had no idea what to expect but trusted her when she told me they would be life-changing and clearly, they were.

Can’t say it enough…but I am in love with hair extensions and if you’ve ever considered them you definitely need to give them a try. They’re unbweaveable!!

Outfit details and some of my favorite hair products on

Updated 10/3/2018

Mashal has moved to the West Coast! Check her out at Vito Esposito Salon in Beverly Hills!


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