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Beast: Fitness EvolvedBeast: Fitness Evolved


I am a huge fan of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), it REALLY works and I see actual results. My cousin, Nik Barricelli is one of the owners and founders of BEAST, a HIIT-based studio, so I had to check it out while I was in NYC for the weekend. Located in Park Slope, Beast is Brooklyn’s first homegrown boutique fitness center. The studio is a 2-story, 5000 sq ft facility and includes fully turfed floors, spacious locker rooms, a coffee bar and private showers. The walls showcase local artists and DJs from the surrounding boroughs provide the perfect soundtrack to the best workout in Brooklyn.

Beast: Fitness Evolved

Beast: Fitness Evolved

Beast: Fitness Evolved

Beast: Fitness Evolved


Each class always has 3 circuits of full body workouts for 50 minutes. What I liked most about the class was that it’s totally at your own pace. The live DJ music (Nik was on the 1s and 2s that morning) and low lighting definitely made for a  great experience. The soundtrack was such a fun mix it took my mind off of the tough workouts! There are 3 areas with 3 exercises within each. I was assigned a section and number so I always knew where to go for the next exercise.

Another thing I noticed about Beast that sets it apart from other studios was the variety of workout equipment. I take HIIT classes here in DC but had never seen some of the sports and conditioning equipment that Beast had; which they rotate seasonally to keep things fresh. Speaking of keeping things fresh, every class is a completely different set of circuits so your body is always challenged, providing you with the best workout possible. The instructor Kristie was super fun and brought great energy to the class. E News! recently featured her and Beast in their “10 Inspiring Things Celeb Fitness Pros Always Tell Their Clients.

Beast: Fitness Evolved

Beast: Fitness Evolved


Beast offers a number of options for class packages; here is the list. They are also available on ClassPass! Seriously, don’t waste another minute because swimsuit season is around the corner, y’all.


Since opening Beast has been featured in a variety of publications like Men’s Health, the NY Post and E! News. Read more about the studio and its amazing instructors here.

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Beast has tons of great things coming in 2018 like recovery classes, meal services, and an expanded schedule with new pack leaders.

Beast: Fitness Evolved NY Post

Beast: Fitness Evolved

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